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Win-win Cooperation | Stick with Homey

1. Discussion on How to Improve Our Service

This month, in order to enhance our customer experience and strengthen our service delivery, the HOMEY sales team had a discussion with our brother company on how to improve the services, helping customers create more value.

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Homey sales representatives Pearl and Shelly have shared some of their experiences. Let’s take a closer look at their contributions:


Pearl emphasized the key role of maintaining close contact with customers.  She stressed the significance of promptly responding to customer inquiries and prioritizing their satisfaction.  Even with small customers, she can fully meet their needs and leave a lasting impression through her positive attitude.


Shelly emphasized the importance of the customer experience. She can understand customer needs exactly and utilize her product knowledge to recommend suitable products based on their applications, always approaching the situation from the customer’s perspective.

2. Win-win cooperation with HOMEY!

HOMEY is a globally renowned provider of construction sealants and adhesive solutions.  We firmly believe in the concept of “win-win cooperation” with our customers. We prioritize their needs, actively seek their feedback, and continuously strive to exceed their expectations.

By placing the customer at the center of our operations, we can tailor our products and services to meet their specific requirements, ensuring a positive and personalized experience.


Otherwise, we check five times to ensure quality stability before delivery. Our products have been sold to more than 80 countries with 99% repeat orders, which is one of the top 3 customized export volumes in China.


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