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Top 10 PU Foam Products in Africa

PU foam has proved successful in Africa and is currently experiencing exponential progress. Its features and many applications have made it the perfect choice for numerous industries. Now it’s time to focus on the PU foam market and find out which are the ten best products in Africa. Let us start and view these wonderful gems.

1.Bison PU Max

Produced by Bison, this PU foam is known for its excellent expansion capacity and high-quality insulation. Ideal for construction and repair work, Bison PU Foam provides efficient insulation and sealing, making it a versatile choice in the construction industry.

2.Pro Max PU Foam

Pattex’s Pro Max PU Foam sets quickly and is ideal for gap-filling with insulating properties. It has become a favorite in DIY circles for its ease of use and effectiveness in filling gaps and cracks.

3.Max Bond Super Glue Squeeze

Although not a traditional PU foam, the Max Bond Super Glue Squeeze is known for its exceptional adhesion properties. It offers quick and solid adhesion to various material surfaces, making it a reliable choice for automotive and household repairs.

4.Black sealant Adhesive

This adhesive from Permatex stands out for its weatherproofing capabilities and durable, flexible composition, making it ideal for outdoor and industrial applications.

5.Super Glue Silicone Sealer:

Featuring a silicone formula, this product creates a waterproof seal while remaining flexible. It’s a popular choice for waterproof sealing in various applications.

6.Sikaflex-250 PC

Sikaflex-250 PC is specifically designed for appliance and equipment manufacturing, offering exceptional strength and durability. Its tailored composition makes it a standout in industrial applications.

7.Mapefloor PU 400

This polyurethane flooring solution is a two-component, self-leveling product that provides high durability and a smooth finish. Ideal for public and residential areas, it offers flexibility and innovation in flooring solutions.


Known for its instant setting and non-fog formulation, SuperGold is a favorite among crafters for its quick and clear setting, making it suitable for various crafting and DIY projects.

9.Starbond Super Glue

Featuring a unique accelerator formula, Starbond Super Glue enhances the curing speed of super glues, making it an essential tool for faster repair work in various settings.

10. Homey 99 Spray Polyurethane Foam

Homey’s spray polyurethane foam stands out for its spray-type application and good insulation performance. The product’s versatility and ease of application make it suitable for a wide range of insulation needs.


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