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Top 10 Glue Products in Southeast Asia

In this fast-paced industrial environment of the construction, DIY, and trade business, clearly, there is a crucial need for adhesive products that are noted to be reliable. In the South Asian Region, certain high-quality adhesive products are widely popular.  We will now focus on the 10 leading adhesive products that are popular in this region.

Super Vulca seal

Super Vulca Seal (Bostik Philippines Inc.): Bostik, a company with over a century of experience in adhesive technology, presents Super Vulca Seal as a standout product in Southeast Asia. This elastomeric sealant is designed for home and construction use, ideal for sealing, patching, and filling applications. Bostik has been a key player in the region, offering innovative adhesive solutions tailored to local needs.

Supa Glue

Supa Glue (Selleys): Selleys, an Australian company established in the 1930s, has become a prominent name in Southeast Asia with its Supa Glue. This product is known for its quick-setting and clear-drying properties, suitable for a variety of materials including metal, wood, and plastics, reflecting Selleys’ commitment to versatile and high-quality adhesive products.

Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit (Pidilite Industries): Pidilite Industries, an Indian company founded in 1959, has developed Dr. Fixit as a comprehensive solution for waterproofing, building repairs, and tile fixing. Its wide range of applications in sealants, coatings, and paints has made it synonymous with innovation and reliability in Southeast Asia.

3M™ Adhesive Sealant 740 UV

3M, a global leader, introduces the 3M™ Adhesive Sealant 740 UV, prioritizing UV resistance, long-term durability, and weather resistance. This adhesive excels in panel sealing on trucks, trains, trailers, and architectural panels.

Bison Universal Adhesive

Bison Universal Adhesive (Henkel Adhesives Technologies): Henkel, a German multinational founded in 1876, offers the Bison Universal Adhesive. This versatile product can bond a range of materials, showcasing Henkel’s focus on providing universal adhesive solutions for various applications.

UHU All Purpose Adhesive

UHU All Purpose Adhesive: UHU, a German brand established in 1932, is globally recognized and widely used in Southeast Asia. Its all-purpose adhesive is popular in crafts, hobbies, and DIY projects, known for creating strong bonds across different materials.

Konishi G17 Glue

Konishi G17 Glue (Konishi Co., Ltd.): Konishi, a Japanese company founded in 1919, produces the G17 silica gel adhesive, catering to the Southeast Asian market’s need for fast-drying, eco-friendly adhesives. This product’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of materials, including metal and wood.

Davco 168

Davco 168 (Sika): Sika, a Swiss multinational established in 1910, offers Davco 168, a cement-based adhesive popular in Southeast Asia for its ease of use and durability in construction applications. This product reflects Sika’s expertise in specialty chemicals and building materials.

Homey 577 Construction Adhesive

Homey 577 Construction Adhesive (HomeyCons): HomeyCons, a Chinese company, provides Homey 577 Construction Adhesive, known for its strong bonding capability in construction. It’s widely used for wood tiles, door frames, and wall coverings, indicating HomeyCons’ impact in the Asian adhesive market.



USP-EAGLE (SS7-70) (Eagle Chemicals): Eagle Chemicals, based in Egypt, offers the USP-EAGLE (SS7-70) adhesive known for its strength and versatility. Used in industries like marble and metalworking, it highlights Eagle Chemicals’ presence in the Southeast Asian market.


Overall, Southeast Asia is home to an extensive range of premium adhesive products that meet the specific demands of various sectors. The need for premium adhesives is constant as the region continues to excel in various industries, thereby leaving these top 10 products unwavering from their goal of meeting and even exceeding these needs.

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