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Top 10 Glue Products in Russia


The Russian adhesive market is highly versatile and dynamic, which makes it hard to find the right product. From construction sites to DIY, the right adhesive can be a game-changer. This manual describes 10 of the top glue products in Russia, which provide unique advantages and innovations so that you can choose or identify with what suits your plan for a future venture.

1.Bostik High-Performance Construction Adhesive

Bostik High-Performance Construction Adhesive: Bostik, with a history of over a century in adhesive technology, offers this high-performance construction adhesive known for its strength and durability. It’s designed for harsh construction settings, providing reliable bonding in extreme conditions.

2. Loctite

Loctite: A flagship product of Henkel, Loctite has been a leader in adhesive technology for decades. Known for its superior functionality and stability, Loctite is renowned for its high bonding strength, making it indispensable in various fields such as automotive, electronics, and aerospace.


MAPEBAND EASY R: From MAPEI, an Italian company with over 80 years of experience, this innovative polymer tape transforms waterproofing in construction. It offers exceptional sealing capacities, crucial for projects demanding high-quality waterproofing.


KUDO PURFOAM: KUDO PURFOAM, with its polyurethane foam composition, is excellent for insulation and sealing. This product is versatile, catering to both professional and DIY users, and provides airtight, moisture-resistant seals.

5. SikaBond 145

SikaBond 145: SikaBond showcases Sika AG’s extensive knowledge in adhesives. This product is versatile, offering strong adhesions across various materials, making it popular in construction and repair jobs.

6. Kleo Pro Sanitary White

Kleo Pro Sanitary White: Produced by ASCOTT GROUP, this sealant is specifically designed for areas exposed to moisture. It’s ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens, resisting mold and mildew effectively.

7. Fuller Trade Construction Adhesive

Fuller Trade Construction Adhesive: From H.B. Fuller, a company with a rich history in adhesives, this product is designed for maximum strength in harsh construction conditions, ensuring strong and durable bonds.

8. Kiilto XPU

Kiilto XPU: Kiilto, a Finnish company with a strong focus on sustainability, offers XPU, a powerful yet environmentally sustainable adhesive system. It embodies Kiilto’s commitment to high-performance products that are also eco-friendly.

9. Kleiberit SupraFoam 535

Kleiberit SupraFoam 535: Representing innovation in specialty adhesives, this product from Kleiberit is suitable for heavy-duty industrial operations. It provides intense bonding strength, catering to rigorous industrial requirements.

10. Homey 12 Fire Retardant Foam

Homey 12 Fire Retardant Foam: HomeyCons’s Homey 12 is a novel adhesive with fire-retardant properties, making it ideal for safety-critical applications. It’s a unique addition to the market, offering both adhesive and fire-retardant capabilities.

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In conclusion, the Russian adhesive market provides a diverse range of products catering to various needs, from industrial-strength adhesives to environmentally conscious options. Each of these products represents the pinnacle of engineering ingenuity and quality assurance, ensuring robust and reliable solutions for both professional and DIY projects. Understanding the unique characteristics and applications of each product is key to making the right choice for specific project needs.

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