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Top 10 Glue Companies in the Middle East

Adhesives, those unsung heroes of construction, automotive, and countless other industries, hold our world together – quite literally! In the Middle East, a region characterized by enormous infrastructural growth and industrial innovations, glue companies fit into pivotal roles. So, now we dive into the world of these top 10 glue companies that are significantly contributing to this thriving industry.Spotlight on Leading Glue Brands

Arkema Group

Arkema Group: Founded in France in 2004, Arkema has established a significant presence in the Middle East, catering to the needs of construction, automotive, and other industries. Their adhesives are known for their versatility and high performance, including products like acrylic, polyurethane, and silicone-based adhesives. Arkema’s innovation in the field has been critical in addressing the unique challenges of the Middle Eastern climate and industry requirements.

Dow: Pioneering Adhesive Solutions

Dow: With its origins dating back to 1897 in Michigan, USA, Dow has been a pioneer in the adhesives industry globally, including the Middle East. Their product range extends from hot melt to water-based adhesives, serving industries such as packaging, building and construction, and consumer goods. Dow’s continuous innovation has been instrumental in providing tailor-made solutions for the Middle Eastern market.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA: Founded in 1876 in Germany, Henkel has a long history of manufacturing adhesives. Their products, suitable for both consumer and industrial applications, include epoxies, acrylics, and polyurethane-based adhesives. Henkel’s precision in manufacturing and product diversity has been key in serving various sectors within the Middle East.

H.B Fuller Company – Custom Solutions for Complex Needs

H.B. Fuller Company: Established in 1887 in the USA, H.B. Fuller has been formulating custom adhesives to meet complex industrial needs. Their product range includes hot melt, water-based, and solvent-based adhesives, catering to industries like electronics, hygiene, and packaging. Their presence in the Middle East reflects their global strategy to meet diverse industrial requirements.

The Industrial Group Ltd

The Industrial Group Ltd: As an Arab company, The Industrial Group Ltd. has a deep understanding of the Middle Eastern market. They focus on specific industrial adhesives, including products for high-temperature and high-stress environments, which are crucial in the region’s harsh climate.

Jowat SE

Jowat SE: Founded in 1919 in Germany, Jowat SE has been producing sustainable and eco-friendly adhesives. Their product portfolio, catering to the Middle Eastern market, includes products for woodworking, automotive, and textile industries, focusing on reducing environmental impact without compromising quality.

Sika AG

Sika AG: Established in 1910 in Switzerland, Sika AG specializes in high-quality construction and industrial adhesives. Their products, known for strength and reliability, include sealants, waterproofing, and bonding agents, playing a vital role in the construction boom in the Middle East.


3M: Since its inception in 1902 in Minnesota, USA, 3M has been at the forefront of adhesive technology innovation. Their diverse product range in the Middle East includes adhesive tapes, structural adhesives, and spray adhesives, serving various sectors with cutting-edge solutions.


Bostik: Originating in France and with a history dating back to 1889, Bostik offers a wide range of smart adhesive solutions. Their products in the Middle East cater to manufacturing, construction, and consumer markets, adapting to the specific needs of the region.


Homey Construction Limited: Established in China, Homey Construction Limited has grown to be a key player in the Middle Eastern adhesive market. Specializing in construction sealants and adhesives, their products include silicone sealants, PU foam, and acrylic sealants. Their over 17 years of experience in the OEM and ODM business highlight their ability to innovate and meet the specific demands of the Middle Eastern market.



In summary, these top 10 companies have significantly contributed to the adhesive industry in the Middle East through their long histories, diverse product ranges, and deep understanding of regional needs. They have not only fostered industrial advancement but also set standards in innovation, sustainability, and quality. Their behind-the-scenes work plays a crucial role in the region’s infrastructural and industrial development.






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