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The Top 10 Glue Companies in Russia

Have you ever wondered what holds things together in Russia? It is not all about tradition and culture; it’s also about glue! Not just any regular glue; we’re talking about elite, stick-to-it no matter what kind of glue. Let’s begin this slimy trip and attempt to look at the best 10 companies for glue in this huge nation.

Arkema Group

The Russian market is dominated, among others, by Arkema Group with its global reach. Arkema is known for its specialty chemicals and advanced materials and adhesives used in different industries.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Henkel is a German multinational and one of the prominent players in Russia’s adhesives industry. Their products are recognized for reliability and quality and are typically used by both consumers and industries. Henkel’s activity in Russia says much about the state being ready for foreign proficiency involving adhesive technology.


Italian multinational MAPEI has made a niche in Russia, particularly in the construction industry. Their adhesive sealants and chemical products are critical in construction, revealing the company’s focus on quality and durability.


A domestic player in the adhesive industry, RusTA is also rapidly gaining ground with its diverse range of products. It caters to an assortment of applications and shows a developmental trend within Russia’s own adhesive sector.

Sika AG

Sika AG is a Swiss multinational company that specializes in high-quality adhesives and sealants. Such involvement in the Russian market is a sign of how much precision and quality Russia likes to approach doing construction or any industry.


The ASCOTT GROUP represents a giant in the adhesives industry, with products meant for different industrial purposes. They provide creative solutions for different usages, thereby proving their adaptability and expertise.

H.B. Fuller Company

H.B. Fuller is also a strong international adhesives manufacturer that has a good foothold in the Russian market. The variety of their products mirrors the company’s worldwide expertise and quality standards as they cater to different tastes in Russia.


Kiilto is a Finnish company that manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of adhesive products in Russia, including the construction and woodworking industry, as well as packaging. Their product range and market awareness are indicative of their dedication to quality and innovation.

KLEBCHEMIE M. G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG

KLEBCHEMIE is an innovative company that has adhesive technologies for different industries in Russia. The fact that they are present further demonstrates the German commitment to quality and innovation in world markets of adhesives.

HomeyCons: Russia’s New Face in Adhesives

Interestingly, HomeyCons is becoming a popular brand name in the Russian adhesive market. Using a customer-focused approach, the company HomeyCons offers numerous products to meet diverse needs and applications.


So, there we go to explore the Top 10 Glue Manufacturing Corporations in Russia. Each company has its individual competitive advantage, whether they are pioneers or innovators. But in Russia, the glue industry is not only about an object that simply sticks things together; it’s a novelty business, heritage, and unbelievable fun. Who would ever think the world of glue to be so interesting?

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