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Stay tuned for the Columbia International Exhibition in 2023!

The Columbia International Construction Expo is a top event that displays the latest developments and advancements in construction and design. It’s a place where manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and customers worldwide can gather to make connections and find new business prospects. In 2023 the expo promises to be an unforgettable experience that all industry members should anticipate with eagerness.

Exhibition Overview

For over three decades now the Columbia International Construction Expo has drawn global attention within the construction industry. It is organized every two years by the Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá – one of Colombia’s most influential trade organizations. At EXPOCONSTRUCCION EXPODISEÑO attendees can expect impressive displays of building materials used during large-scale builds and electrical/plumbing systems, and a wide range of sealants and adhesives for the construction and automobile industry, including silicone sealant, PU foam, acrylic sealant, spray paint, MS sealant, water-based adhesive, Mabel glue, epoxy resin, and polyurethane sealant, provided by Homey.

The EXPOCONSTRUCCION EXPODISEÑO exhibition offers more than just core necessities like building materials, construction machinery, electrical/plumbing systems, and a wide range of sealants and adhesives from Homey. Attendees can also expect to see exquisite furniture pieces, intricate lighting designs, home accessories, textiles, and ceramics that speak to customers’ personal style preferences. This comprehensive event provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network with potential buyers and gain insights into future market trends and transformative technologies that shape the development of the contemporary construction landscape.

Homey takes immense pleasure in catering to customers in the construction and automobile segments by offering an impressive selection of high-quality adhesives and seals. Our assortment comprises silicone sealantPU foam, acrylic sealant, spray paint, MS sealer, water-based adhesive, Mabel glue, epoxy resin, polyurethane sealant.

The Homey Team is Preparing for the Columbia International Construction Fair

As market leaders renowned globally for inventive & efficient construction methods based on environmentally friendly design choices – Homey is thrilled about the Columbia International Construction Expo that is soon to take place. We intend to make the most of this wonderful opportunity by using it to showcase the services we offer and a vast array of our exceptional products.

As a result, our team at Homey has been working diligently behind the scenes investing time and energy in creating brand-new offerings that cater perfectly to what customers demand. Along with that, they have been constructing a booth experience that will capture attention instantaneously with creative visuals and interactive displays whilst engaging prospects during this global event.

Without a doubt, The Columbia International Construction Expo is an essential occasion for those operating within the construction and design arena. Attending gives one an unparalleled insight into current trends whilst facilitating networking opportunities with colleagues as well as exploring new business endeavors – that’s why we are extending an invitation for all clients to attend this exhibition by visiting us at our booth.

At the Homey booth (Hall 7,212) , visitors can look forward to new product showcases – which highlight our excellence in sustainability – combined with expert-led discussions offering useful advice to ensure your future success in construction or design work .

When all is said and done, passing up on the Columbia International Construction Expo would be a mistake for individuals working in this field. Here lies an exceptional occasion that allows companies such as yours to shine by showcasing top-notch products/services while connecting with an essential clientele base all under one roof. Moreover, it offers valuable insight into progressive trends that are taking over modern-day construction practices. We can’t wait for your arrival at this exhibition; please do come to see us at the Homey booth (Hall 7,212) where we will give you a glimpse of our wide range of sealants and adhesives!

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