Homey 50
Mege Yield Foam

HOMEY 50 Polyurethane Foam is a construction foam which a special design for installation and insulation. The product can be used for bonding, fixing, installing and sound insulation, heat insulation. It is also suitable for gap filling, gas separation, cracks and breaking holds sealing. The ideal humidity during application is 40% to 60%.
Advantage of the product:
●65L in one can(1020g)
●High Yield productive and labour-saving, less waste Transportation cost saving
●Non-Stick Valves
●Better insulation factor
Application area:
●Installing, fixing and insulating of door and window5050frames.
●Filling and sealing of gaps, joints, openings and cavities.●Connecting of insulation materials and roof construction.
● Bonding and mounting. Insulating the electrical outlets and water pipes.
●Heat preservation, cold and sound insulation.

SHELF LIFE:12 months store between 5℃ to 25℃ PACKING : 750ml, 500ml, 300ml