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How to Choose the right Pu Foam Spray

PU foam spray is a kind of expanding polyurethane foam that has several uses, such as sealing, filling gaps, and insulation. The usage of pu foam spray can be quite advantageous for people who desire to save money on their energy costs or keep their homes or offices secure from the elements. In order to choose the right pu foam spray, it is important to consider a few key features, as well as the scenario in which it will be used.Choosing the best pu foam spray might be difficult since so many options available on the market. This article will explore key features, use scenarios, and how to choose the correct pu foam spray.


There are various kinds of pu foam spray, and each one has unique features that meet particular demands. The following are some of the most important factors to take into account while choosing a pu foam spray:

  1. The expansion rateof pu foam spray is one of its important features. Some pu foam sprays expand more than others, which might be a critical consideration depending on your specific requirements. Certain pu foam sprays have an expansion capacity of up to 50 times their initial volume, which makes them an excellent choice for filling huge gaps or cavities.
  1. Another important feature to consider is the curing timeof the pu foam spray. When talking about the pu foam spray’s “curing period,” we mean the amount of time it requires to reach its full power. While some PU foam sprays might fully cure in a few hours, others can in just a few minutes. When choosing the right spray, it is essential to consider the curing time as it can vary according to the type of pu foam spray.
Pu Foam Spray


  1. The important feature is the densityof the foam spray impacts its insulating characteristics. Low-density pu foam sprays are better for filling gaps, whereas high-density sprays are better for insulating.


  1. Another key element to take into account when selecting a pu foam spray is drying time. While some sprays dry rapidly, some take more time. It’s important to choose a spray with a quick drying time if you need to use the area right away after application.


  1. In addition, some pu foam sprays have been developed to be fire-resistant, which makes them perfect for application in places like walls or attics.

Use Scenarios

Pu foam spray has a broad range of use scenarios, and the scenario in which the pu foam spray will be utilized is also an important factor to consider. For instance, if the pu foam spray will be used to insulate an attic or a wall, it is important to choose a particularly designed spray. On the other hand, if the pu foam spray is going to be used to fill gaps or crevices around doors or windows, it’s crucial to pick a spray with a moderate rate of expansion because a high rate of expansion could cause the spray to push the door or window out of its place. Additionally, if the pu foam spray is supposed to be used to seal cracks in the floor, it’s essential to choose a waterproof spray to prevent water damage.

How to Choose the Right Pu Foam Spray

  • The features mentioned above, as well as the scenario in which it will be used, should be taken into account when choosing a pu foam spray.
  • Consider the amount of pu foam spray you need and choose a size that’s suitable for your project. Pu foam spray is available in different sizes, including 750ml cans.
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various pu foam sprays by comparing their pricing.
  • Choose a well-known supplier that offers premium pu foam sprays.
  • Lastly, make sure the pu foam spray you purchase is made with safe, non-toxic components.

Best PU Foam Supplier

Among other suppliers in China, Homey Construction Limited is a reliable source of sealants and adhesives.  Homey PU foam sprays are more durable, User-friendly, have a higher R-value, and are more resistant to air and moisture than those made by other suppliers.

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