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Homey construction Limited: OEM services

The Homey Construction Limited has enlarged the color range for your construction sealants and offered several sealants that are of a high caliber. Homey Construction Limited provides the most suitable solution and smoothest surface in the most widely used colors.

OEM, also call private label services are offered by Homey Construction. And ODM, or “original design manufacturer,” is also available in Homey construction. This business is equipped to create, develop, produce, and market things on its own.

Design and Customization services

To match substrates or obtain your desired color, Homey Construction Limited offers custom color sealants! To offer the greatest bespoke services, specialized chemical enegineer and designer are employed. We offer logo design that is both manageable and needs-based. The sealants are made by specialists, as shown by the emblem. We provide you with the highest-caliber sealant in the colors of your choice. We use only the best colors, which do not fade with time. Both glossy and matte colors can be created.

Daily Output and delivery time

Our operations team will review the requests in your queue each morning and determine what requests and modifications should be provided for the day, in consultation with the chemical engineer and the designer team.


You may always anticipate receiving an update, i.e. a daily output on your new requests or changes on the following business day because we work on a daily basis. Our daily output capacity is about 20 containers. Our employees provide their all to meet your standards.

We provide each of our products on time in accordance with the specifications of the order. Regarding deliveries, we are really stringent. To prevent any hustle and to keep your job moving forward, our delivery is quite consistent.

After-Sales Support

We offer a wide range of products: Silicone Sealant, Acrylic Sealant, Spray Polyurethane Foam, Polyurethane Sealant,MS Sealant, Water Based Adhesive, Marble Glue, Epoxy Resin, Spray paints, etc.

Homey Construction Limited offers free training and after-sales support services for its products.

If you want to build a successful customer-centric business, reduce employee attrition, and retain customers over the long run, you must invest in customer service training. For that reason, we are providing these after-sales support services. By the end of the free training product tutorial, you’ll have a solid grasp of how these products can be used in a better way and without any kind of problem and thus can help in growing your business. All these types of training could be useful, and what resources you need to carry out an extensive training program. A specialized internal Technical Sales team has been developed by Homey, and they are prepared to assist customers with technical assistance and implementation and product specifications.

Boost your business with our high quality services