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Homey 988 Structural Sealant: A Reliable Solution for Long-Term Building Protection


Homey 988 Structural Sealant stands out as an architectural-grade silicone sealant, offering exceptional performance in various applications. This article delves into the features and benefits that make Homey 988 a preferred choice for curtain wall projects and how it outshines competitors in the market.

Section 1:

Strong Adhesion and Long-Term Protection Homey 988 is known for its strong adhesion, making it suitable for curtain walls. Once fully cured, it forms an excellent bond with building materials, ensuring long-term protection against environmental factors. This not only safeguards the building but also delivers safety to homeowners. In comparison to other prominent brands, Homey 988 proves to be highly competitive in the market.


Section 2: 

 Client Preference and Project Success Increasingly, clients are opting for Homey 988 over other sealants, citing its superior performance on curtain wall projects. Illustrated by a project in Israel, where Homey 988 was successfully employed, this section emphasizes the sealant’s effectiveness in real-world applications.

Section 3:

 Weatherproof Reliability A key feature of Homey 988 is its weatherproof nature. The sealant ensures no water leakage, even in the most adverse weather conditions. Backed by a 10-year warranty against cracking, leaking, and breaking, Homey 988 exemplifies a commitment to high-quality standards, establishing itself as a reliable choice for long-lasting protection.


Section 4:

Enduring Performance and Client Satisfaction Gathering feedback from clients who have used Homey 988 for over 5 years, this section highlights the sealant’s enduring performance. Clients report continued satisfaction, positive market feedback, and repeat orders, showcasing Homey’s successful combination of great business practices and quality products.

Section 5:

Movement Capability and Thermal Properties Homey 988 boasts excellent movement capability, adapting well to thermal expansion and contraction. This makes it an ideal choice for curtain applications, contributing to building protection. The sealant’s ability to perform under varying conditions positions it as a sales star, facilitating increased market share and brand building.



 In conclusion, Homey 988 Structural Sealant emerges as a top-tier choice for architects, builders, and homeowners alike. Its strong adhesion, weatherproof reliability, enduring performance, and adaptability make it a standout product in the market. By choosing Homey 988, businesses not only open new market opportunities but also build a strong and reputable brand.

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