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Homey 80 General Purpose PU Foam: A Trusted Solution for Construction


Homey 80 General Purpose PU Foam stands out as a reliable choice in the construction industry. With its exceptional performance and positive feedback from customers, this foam has become a staple for builders seeking longevity, stability, and strong adhesion in their projects.

Performance and Durability:

The foam exhibits remarkable performance with no oil leakage, ensuring a clean and efficient application.

Its extended adhesion period and impressive service life of up to 10 years make it a durable choice for construction projects.

Construction quality is paramount, contributing to the foam’s longer service life and garnering positive reviews from satisfied customers.


Strength and stability:

Homey 80 boasts impressive strength, providing robust support in various construction applications.

Dimensional stability is a key feature, ensuring consistency in the foam’s structure and performance.

Satisfied customer comments highlight the strength of the foam, leading to repeated orders from a growing customer base.

Special Formulation for Construction:

The unique formulation of Homey 80, enriched with more MDI material, is tailored for construction purposes.

Strong adhesion is a standout feature, enhancing the foam’s effectiveness in building construction.

Year-Round Applicability:

Designed specifically for construction needs, Homey 80 adapts to different weather conditions.

It remains non-fragile in winter and experiences no shrinkage in summer, ensuring consistent performance throughout the year.

The product’s reliability is reflected in regular monthly purchases by satisfied Russian customers.



Homey 80 General Purpose PU Foam emerges as a preferred choice for builders seeking a high-performance solution. Its commendable adhesion, strength, and stability, coupled with positive customer feedback, position it as a valuable asset in the construction industry. As it continues to meet the diverse needs of builders worldwide, Homey 80 stands as a testament to innovation and quality in construction materials.

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