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Homey 71 Multi-Purpose Foam: A Game-Changer in Doors and Windows Installation


In the world of construction, finding reliable and effective materials is crucial. Homey 71 Multi-purpose Foam stands out as a stable and dimensionally sound solution, particularly renowned for its exceptional performance in doors and windows installation. This article explores the various features and advantages of this foam, as well as its impact on customers and the market.

Stability and Dimensional Reliability: 

Homey 71 boasts stable dimensions, ensuring a secure fit for doors and windows. This stability not only enhances the protection of these elements but also extends their lifespan.


Customer Satisfaction and High Repurchase Rate: 

Customer feedback speaks volumes about the product’s quality. With a high repurchase rate, it’s evident that customers are not only satisfied but also eager to continue using Homey 71 for their construction needs.

Small Bubble Size and Excellent Insulation:

The foam’s small bubble size contributes to its excellent insulation factor. This characteristic makes it an energy-efficient option, translating to substantial cost savings for users.

Cost-Effective Solution with Low MOQ:

Homey71 requires only minimal initial investment and accepts orders with low minimum order quantities, which not only allows companies to save capital costs.It also allows for the creation of multiple brands.

Stable Supply Chain and Successful Case Studies: 

The stability and strength of the supply chain ensure a continuous and reliable source of Homey 71. A notable example is an Indonesian customer who initially ordered 600ctns for a trial but now consistently orders a container every month.


Global Market Presence:

Developed through a stable formulation, Homey 71 has become one of the hottest selling models on the market. Its sales have seen significant growth, making it the best seller in every country. The product has successfully reached 80 countries worldwide.

Impressive Production Capacity:

With a production capacity of up to 10 containers per day, Homey 71 not only meets market demands but also contributes to cost reduction. This high cost-effectiveness allows businesses to increase sales amounts and achieve higher profits.

Real-World Impact:

The success stories of customers, such as the Argentinean client who replaced a more expensive automobile due to increased earnings, showcase the tangible benefits of using Homey 71.



Homey 71 Multi-purpose Foam emerges as a transformative solution in the realm of construction materials. Its stability, insulation properties, and cost-effectiveness have garnered widespread acclaim, making it a preferred choice for doors and windows installation globally. As the product continues to make waves in the market, its impact on construction practices and customer satisfaction is undeniable.

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