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Homey 12 Fire Retardant Foam: A Safer, Cost-Effective, and Environmentally Friendly Solution


In the realm of fire safety and insulation, Homey 12 Fire Retardant Foam emerges as a standout product. This B2-class fire-retardant foam is not only effective in fire prevention but also boasts qualities that make it an excellent choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Fire Retardant Excellence:

Homey 12 is classified as a B2 class fire retardant, ensuring a high level of fire resistance.

It possesses a unique B2 self-extinguish feature, halting combustion in the absence of fire contact.

The ability to reduce fire risk factors makes it a safer alternative, providing both peace of mind and cost-effectiveness.


Stronger Foam with Exceptional Insulation:

The foam is engineered to be stronger, offering durability and reliability in various applications.

Homey 12 boasts impressive thermal and acoustical insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for filling and sealing applications.

Its excellent mounting capacities further contribute to its versatility for a wide range of uses.


Flexible Application and Sales Approach:

With great elasticity, Homey 12 can be utilized for both do-it-yourself projects and professional applications.

The flexible sales mode ensures accessibility for various consumer needs, fostering a broader market reach.

Environmentally Friendly:

An important aspect of Homey 12 is that it is a CFC-free product, making it environmentally friendly.

Being kind to both the environment and human health, it positions itself as a responsible choice in the market.

The increasing market demand for eco-friendly products, coupled with less competition, makes Homey 12 a compelling option.

European Popularity and Testimonials:

According to our Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Homey 12 has undergone rigorous testing, showcasing its effectiveness.

The product has gained popularity in European countries, indicating its adherence to stringent standards and consumer preferences.



Homey 12 Fire Retardant Foam stands as a multifaceted solution, addressing fire safety, insulation needs, and environmental consciousness. Its unique features, coupled with growing market demand, make it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly foam solution. Whether for DIY projects or professional applications, Homey 12 proves to be a versatile and trustworthy option in the competitive landscape of fire-retardant foams.

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