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Happy Children’s Day!Happy HOMEY family stick with you!

HO & MEY are coming on June 1st !

They are a twins, born in Guangzhou Homey Construction Limited in China.

HO is HOMEY Sealant Experience Officer. She feels flexible, smooth and sealed.

HO goes to every corner of the world, and serves global customers

MEY is HOMEY PU foam Experience Officer. He feels strong, brave and innovative.

MEY goes global from China to participate in the local construction development.

HO & MEY integrate their rich market experience into products and services of HOMEY. They have become unique brand symbols of HOMEY.

They’ve met customers all over the world and they’re loved. They will bring a different experience of HOMEY products and services to customers around the world.

Would you make friends with them? HOMEY family serve you sincerely with sealant & adhesive solutions!

PU foam 横 1
sealant 横 1

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