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Hammering and drilling are replaced by a revolutionary zero nail construction adhesive solution in construction.

Homey 577 Construction Adhesive is a high strength, profeesional quality adhesive specially formulated to eliminate much of the nailing required for construction purposes. The adhesive provides a high strength, water resistant bond to a wide variety of materials, like wood tiles, door frames, chip, plaster, cardboard.

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lWood tiles, door frames.

lWall coverings made of wood, chip, plaster, cardboard, PVC and cork tiles.

lDecorative tiles and elements made of polystyrene, polyurethane rigid-foam and gypsum.

lSound insulation and fiber boards.

lPVC cable and ventilation connections.

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lStrong adhesion performance, no need nail,drilling,hammer

lSolvent based and fast cure, save labor and work time

lEase of use and fast cure, save labor and work time.

lEnhancing aesthetics for decoration purposes.

lGood and stable formulation,it provides a high strength to wide variety of materials.

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lAvoid prolonged skin contact.

lKeep away from children.

lHighly flammable. Vapours can be ignited by flamesor sparks.

lIf swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting.

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With the unparalleled convenience and steadfast strength, HOMEY 577 meets all your mounting and fixing needs in home improvement projects. Try it now!

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