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Guangzhou Homey Construction Limited: A Profile of Excellence

Learn the comprehensive profile of Guangzhou Homey Construction Limited, a renowned company specializing in sealants and adhesives for construction, offering cutting-edge solutions as well as an engaged company throughout the world.

Introduction to Guangzhou Homey Construction Limited

Welcome to Guangzhou Homey Construction Limited, a beacon in the construction materials market. Having more than 17 years of business operations, we have become one of the top suppliers when it comes to construction sealants and adhesives. We are known for our innovative solutions and work with Fortune Global 500 companies, proving our position as an industry leader.

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Company Overview

2016 was the year when Homey started its operations, and since then, it has rapidly marked its print in the industry, now having three large-scale manufacturing plants spanning around 100,000 square meters㎡. With a daily production capacity of 20 containers, Homey ensures a consistent supply of top-tier products.

Core Products and Solutions

Homey’s product catalog is vast, including Silicone Sealants, PU Foam, Acrylic sealants, and numerous adhesives as well as glues, each with their respective roles in the large construction industry. Importantly, our Silicone Sealants are praised for their strong adhesion performance that exceeds the American standard ASTM C920 and provides a 10-year warranty. Our products meet American and European standards, and we test them in accordance with the highest performance possible.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

Homey’s manufacturing philosophy is based on quality. Homey does not waver from its status of excellence with a full customization service, finished product inspection, five-time checking, and batch inspections in regard to quality control. Our performance has earned very satisfied reviews, with the perfect rate of on-time delivery and solid average response time of less than 3 hours. We have many certificates, which show our dedication to providing quality that stands for itself.

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Global Reach and Export Experience

Homey Construction’s wings spread far and wide. We have made an impressive mark in over 80 countries through significant export experience. We are a destination of choice for all foreign companies because we enable them to customize their products and give top-quality service, thus representing China as an international manufacturing giant. That also made us the best customize exporter in China.

Customer and Community Engagement

The success of Homey is very much based on the close relationships the enterprise maintains with all customers and through various community engagements. We have built long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and are participating in social responsibility projects where we contribute to local societies as well as the sustainability of the environment.

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In a nutshell, Guangzhou Homey Construction Limited is not just a construction materials company. It inspires testament to the power of quality, innovation, and customer-centricity in the modern construction industry. The journey of the company from being a regional player to becoming a global powerhouse is a statement of dedication, innovation, and persistence in delivering quality. If you are searching for a reliable company whose products concern construction materials, your quest ends here: Homey Construction – the tradition of excellence?

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