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Explore Top 10 Glue Companies in Africa

The African landscape is distinctive and fluctuating so its adhesives market. Whether it is on Johannesburg’s busy streets or Nairobi’s lively markets, there is definitely a high demand for quality glue and adhesive products on the continent. Now, let us closely look at the companies in Africa that are bonding things together.

1.Bison International

●Bison International operates worldwide.

Reputation: famous for fast-acting and strong adhesives.

Products: Provides a range of superglue brands.

Applications: It is ideal for both industrial and consumer use, especially in quick-fix situations.

2.Henkel (Pattex)

●A part of the Henkel worldwide brand known for its strong market positioning.

Reputation: Pattex is known for reliability and strength.

Products: Pattex is a brand of various superglue products.

Applications: Industries and households use them for strong bonding.

3.Krazy Glue

●It is a very popular brand in the adhesive industry.

Reputation: Known to come with swift-acting and powerful adhesives.

Products: Various super glue solutions.

Applications: Helpful for fast and strong bonding in DIY projects as well as professional use.


●It specializes in chemical products for maintenance and repair.

Reputation: Known for high-performance products.

Products: High-performance super glues.

Applications: Useful in auto repair, industrial maintenance, and home repairs.

5.Super Glue Corp

A leading company in the super glue industry.

Reputation: Known for a variety of adhesive products.

Products: Various super glue products.

Applications: Useful for almost any purpose, from home repairs to crafts and hobby projects.

6. CPH International

●The company is known for its Starbond range of products.

Reputation: Specializes in the best quality cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Products: Starbond super glues.

Applications: Fine for woodworking, ceramic reassembly, and hobby projects.


●A multinational company that is vital in the adhesive market.

Reputation: Known for innovation and quality.

Products: Various adhesives, including super glues.

Applications: Employed in building, automotive, and manufacturing applications.

8.MAPIE S.p.A.

●An international Italian company.

Reputation: Known for various adhesive and sealant goods.

Products: Different superglue and adhesive solutions.

Applications: It is used in construction, building, and DIY projects.

9. Bob Smith Industries

●This specializes in adhesives used to build models or for hobbies.

Reputation: Specific super glue products.

Products: Modelling and craft-type super glues.

Applications: Primarily used in hobby and model-making.

10. Homey

●well-known construction sealant & adhesive solutions supplier, cooperating with Fortune Global 500

●builds sustainable products for customer needs

●Homey serves customers a wide range of sealants and adhesives for the construction and automobile industry, Including

❖Silicone Sealant

❖PU Foam

❖Acrylic Sealant

❖Spray Paint

❖MS Sealant

❖Water Based Adhesive

❖Mable Glue & Epoxy Resin

❖Polyurethane Sealant


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