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ECO Friendly Development: Homey Sealant & Adhesive Solution

On October 23, the second phase of the 134th Canton Fair was officially launched. It is reported that the offline exhibition scale reached a record high, with a total exhibition area of 515,000 square meters, 24,551 booths, 9,674 exhibitors, and approximately 1.1789 million exhibits uploaded online.


As the country’s “double carbon” goal continues to advance and consumers’ awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the demand for environmentally friendly, green, and healthy high-quality home life is increasing, and the environmental protection upgrades of the home decoration industry are also continuing to increase. 

Green environmental protection has become one of the core advantages of industry and enterprise development, which is particularly obvious in the construction and decoration materials exhibition area of the 134th Canton Fair. 


HOMEY is committed to green development and takes positive actions to help achieve the “double carbon” goal. Through the stage of the Canton Fair, we bring environmentally friendly new sealant solutions for clients.

HOMEY Popular Products

HOMEY 1500 Hybrid Sealant is a one-component multi-purpose sealant that has all the benefits of a PU sealant and more. It is environmentally firendly and good weather resistance.


HOMEY 590 Water Based Adhesive is a premium quality adhesive, which is environmentally firendly and provides a professional strength to substrate like skirting and plaster ceiling.


HOMEY provides a wide range of sealant and adhesive solution, which meets the needs of customers well.


See you at the Canton Fair

As an old friend of the Canton Fair, HOMEY hopes to promote the common green and environmentally friendly development of enterprises through our exemplary role in the Canton Fair, enhance the international competitiveness of Made in China, and contribute to the green development of the society.

The second phase of the Canton Fair is still in full swing, we are waiting for you at the booth: Area B, 12.2F 21-22, 12.2C 05.

See you at the Canton Fair!

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