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Collaborating for a Mutual Future: Review HOMEY’s Annual Meeting

2023 marked the most significant year of change globally in the past.

Now in 2024, we embrace a promising tomorrow.

On January 28th, HOMEY export team convened for the annual meeting under the theme “Collaborate for a Mutual Future” . Ms. Christina, founder of the HOMEY brand, along with our team members and  families, were in attendance.

IMG 9241

Here, Ms. Christina shared insights on global construction market trends, addressing challenges like supply chain disruptions and fluctuating raw material costs. In response, HOMEY devised proactive strategies to confront these challenges.

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Over the past year, HOMEY export team ventured into 26 countries and regions, participating in 12 exhibitions. 

The global sales network continues to expand, the HOMEY distributors keep increasing.

Under our witness in the past year, a batch of HOMEY export team with outstanding dedication and performance have won various honors. They are not only the pride of HOMEY, but also role models for us to provide better service for customers!


Here, you can see the youthful vigor and innovative spirit of HOMEY export team in our meeting. 

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Traditional Chinese culture also was celebrated through a Dragon Dance, symbolizing prosperity with the chant of “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, meaning “Wishing you prosperity” .


Concluding the event, the angelic voices of a pretty girl sang “Dandelion” and “Children of Spring”,  echoing our unwavering optimism for the future. 


Guided by the mission to “Making buildings more safety, make users more reassuring, make staff more blissful and make industry more prosperous” ,  HOMEY looks to spread our influence like dandelion seeds, reaching every corner of the globe.

Wherever you are, whenever it may be,

let’s stick together, stick stronger,

HOMEY sticks with you forward.


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