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Canton Fair Phase 2

The first phase of the 135th Canton Fair concluded successfully on April 19, having drawn participation from 125,440 overseas buyers representing a broad spectrum of 212 nations and regions globally, reflecting a noteworthy 23.2% surge compared to the same period of the previous session.

“New quality productivity” emerged as a defining theme, epitomizing the rapid proliferation of novel products, technologies, materials, processes, and concepts.

HOMEY, a well-known construction sealant & adhesive solutions provider world wide, captivated a considerable audience with our extensive range of innovative offerings.

Catering to over 80 countries and serving Fortune 500 companies with a remarkable 99% repeat order rate, HOMEY’s unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in its strong international presence.

With factories totaling approximately 100,000 square meters, HOMEY boasts a robust daily production capacity of 20 containers, ensuring prompt and reliable deliveries. Stringently adhering to rigorous American and European standards, HOMEY consistently delivers products of steadfast quality and reliability.

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