90 Adhesive Foam

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • HOMEY 90 is a single-component, ready to use Adhesive Foam. It provides a strong bond and fast adhesion to lumber, plywood, joists, trusses, decking, concrete,metals, masonry and others substrates.

    Application Areas

    ·Powerful adhesion of polystyrene heat panels(XPS and EPS)

    ·Install Adhesion and waIl pIugging within two hours.

    ·Bonding structuraI bIocks of non-bearing interior walls.

    ·Bonding cast stone copings and landscape blocks and bricks

    ·Application where Minimum expansion is required

    ·Bonding gypsum bIock and gypsum paneI bonding

    ·Mounting and insuIation for window and doors frame.

    Colors: Off- White

    Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened packing store in 25℃ or below

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