H600 High Temperature Silicone Sealant

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • HOMEY H600 is a one part, acetoxy cure, high quality silicone sealant which withstands very high temperatures: up to +315ºC during permanent work and up to +365ºC for temporary contact. It has excellent adhesion properties to most building materials including and engine applications:  Gasket marker, glass and glazed surfaces, ceramics, enamel impregnated and painted wood.


    Product Features

    ·High temperature resistance

    ·Makes gaskets that resist high temperature and most fluids

    ·Instant gaskets cures to a tough silicone

    ·Forms gasket instantly from the tube, any size, any shape

    ·Resist to ageing water, oil, grease and vibration

    Colors: Red, Grey

    Shelf Life: 12 months when store at 25℃ or below

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